Whitewater Wesleyan Church operates with an understanding that our church is not a building or an institution/organization.  Instead it’s us.  A group of people who are growing together and trying to live out our faith in ways that reflect the character of our God, and pull other people towards Jesus.

GATHER for worship                             

We believe that worship is the biggest influence in putting us in direct contact with God and growing in our relationship with him.  It shapes us and impowers us to live well.  So when we gather as the church on Sundays, it’s with excited anticipation that God will meet with us, and that we’ll be changed for the better by our encounter with him.

CONNECT in deep relationships

Once a month, groups in Cobden, Eganville, Forresters Falls, Beachburg, and Renfrew get together to be the church in their area.  It’s a relaxed time when they share a meal, grow as friends, and look for ways to serve the people of the community they call home.  Typically these groups meet on a Saturday or Sunday evening with all ages welcome and included in what we’re doing.

GROW as Jesus followers                        

To grow deeper in our faith we believe we need to read and understand the bible, and work at living out what we are learning.  So these smaller groups allow us to talk about what we are learning together, encourage, inspire and challenge each other.  

GO change the world

As we grow deeper in our relationship with God and each other, we believe it’s important to share the love of Jesus with as many people as possible.  It can be as simple as sharing meals and conversation with family, friends, neighbours and coworkers.  But it doesn’t always come naturally.  So we offer training to those ready to development ways to understand and talk about God to those outside the church.