Who We Are


We’re your neighbours who want to get to know you.

We share the same schools and businesses, ball fields and hockey arenas, restaurants and shops.

We’re looking for many of the same things in life. 

Good health, strong marriages, happy kids, fulfilling careers, and purpose in life speak of our deepest desires. We carry the same hopes and dreams. We’ve had our share of disappointments, too.

We’re discovering that faith in Jesus is Good News for living.

We’re discovering that a relationship with the living God satisfies our “inner itch” for personal meaning and spiritual reality.  Learning to follow Jesus leads to a rock-solid core of peace and security regardless of our circumstances.

We’d like to get acquainted.

Belonging to and participating in a faith-community provides us the kind of support and friendship that nurtures our faith.  We want to share our best with you.  Feel free to call our office our pastor, visit one of our services or talk to one of our members.

Contact Information:

Phone: 613 646 2020
Pastor Daryl Macpherson: office.wwcc@nrtco.net
Sandra Schuster: sandras.wwcc@nrtco.net
Meagan MacPherson: youth.wwcc@nrtco.net
Pastor Lloyd Reaney: wwcc@nrtco.net