Our Response to Covid-19

Updated March 18th

Dear Church Family,

These are unprecedented times. Yesterday (Tuesday March 17), Premier Doug Ford declared a State of Emergency in Ontario and has banned all gatherings of more than fifty people. As a church, we want to honour our governing authorities. More importantly, we want to honour God by showing love to our neighbours. One of the best ways we can care for the vulnerable in our society in this season is to suspend our physical gatherings.

Our board met yesterday evening and, in cooperation with the staff, made some important decisions. There will be no activities at the church until further notice. This includes Sunday morning worship as well as other events such as Bible studies, choir and worship team practices, youth group, Happy Gang and Ladies with a Mission. These social distancing measures will help to slow the spread of COVID-19 so our health care system to handle the increasing caseload. The staff will aim to have someone in the office every day during the week, but please call ahead should you need to come to the church.

This next part is important. We are still the church, even if we’re not physically gathering together. For the next few weeks, we want to encourage you to do three things:

1. Care for Each Other: In this time of isolation, people will be lonelier than ever. Connect with each other and pray for each other regularly. If you think of someone, why not give them a call? These small gestures will help us to stay connected during this time. If you have a need because of self-isolation, please do not hesitate to call the church.

2. Online Worship on Sunday: We will live stream a Sunday morning service, which will included worship in song and a sermon (see church website under resources for song lyrics and sermon note downloads) at 9:00 am on Facebook. (If you need help setting up a Facebook account, contact Sandra or Meagan at the church, or any Millennial.) The service will still be available to watch any time after the live stream on Facebook. This means if you are an 11:00 service person, you don’t need to get up early. We encourage you to watch with your family, join us in prayer and praise, and leave comments to connect with each other. Keeping to a family worship routine is important in this time of change. Sandra will make a parent-led School of THE ROCK lesson with a teaching video available for the kids as well. Please stay tuned for more about that. Youth engagement will be available on Instagram at whitewateryouth_.

3. Continue to Give: We rely on your regular giving to pay the bills at the church. Please continue to be faithful in this area. We recognize that this is a time of financial strain for many, so give as God leads you to. There are now three ways to give to WWCC.

First, there is the traditional envelope offering method. If this is your preferred way to give, you can still stop by the church during the week (call ahead first) and drop off your tithes and offerings, or mail a cheque to the church.

Second, we offer Pre-Authorized Remittance that allows you to designate a regular amount to be transferred from your bank account to ours. Call or email Pastor Daryl (office.wwcc@nrtco.net) if you want to set this up.

Third, Pastor Daryl is looking into making Interact e-Tranfers available as a method for giving. We will get that information out to you shortly.

Ongoing Communication: This is very important to us, especially since we will not be seeing each other in person. We will endeavor to keep information flowing as much as possible. We encourage you to check your preferred information source on a regular basis so you can stay informed. We will be sending out information to you in the following ways:

  1. Prayer Chain Email List: While we prefer to keep this method of communication limited to prayer requests only, during this time of crisis, we will temporarily use it for information sharing as well. If you wish to be added to the list, please email Sandra.
  2. Whitewater Wesleyan Community Church Website: wwcc.ca
  3. Church social media sites:
  4. Facebook – Whitewater Wesleyan Church Family (You need to request to join), or Whitewater Wesleyan Community Church (public page)
  5. Instagram – whitewaterchurch_
  6. Call-Em-All Automated Phone Messaging: We will use this information source on a limited basis.

God is in Control: Let’s remember the truth that God is in control and none of this was a surprise to him. Romans 8:28 teaches, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, whohave been called according to his purpose.” As a church, this crisis provides opportunities for us share the love and peace of Jesus to a world that doesn’t share the hope we have in Christ. Draw close to God in this time. Spend time in his Word and in prayer to help guard your heart from fear, but also to keep your ears attuned to what is calling you to do spread God’s hope to others. Blessings.

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